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The Pledge - Kimberly Derting This book had my attention from the very beginning. It is an interesting world the author has created and castes dictate everything. Charlie is a strong character which I like. She does what she feels is right but thinks about her actions...i appreciate that she doesn't just blindly hope for the best. Max is great. Very protective of Charlie but not in a suffocating way. I would have liked to know more about what he found intriguing about Charlie instead of him being so vague about it when she asked. With that said, I still liked him. I figured there were things Max and Xander were hiding but was surprised at who they really were to each other. Also, despite the fact that Xander wanted something from Charlie, he wasn't trying to coerce her into doing what he wanted, which was nice.I did feel like Aron got shafted a bit as he was there early on and then seemed to vanish. He comes back but his role in the story seemed off from one segment to the next. There is a true beginning, middle and end here even though this is a series. Those who have read my reviews before know that killer cliffhangers sometimes make me angry so even though there was a nice lead in to the next book, this one had a conclusion. Complete win! Very much looking forward to the next book to find out how Charlie adjusts, read more about Max and find out what is going on with the old queen's essence.