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Uses for Boys - Erica Lorraine Scheidt This story was somewhat heartbreaking to me. Anna is the main character and grows up in a household that at first seems loving. Over time, her mother focuses more on the men in her life and her job instead of anything to do with Anna. Anna's relationship with boys is what propels the book along. She doesn't really understand how relationships work and it is hard to believe the she is only 16 years old in this story. She is fairly open sexually at a young age and I believe she was only 15 (or about that age) when she moved in with one of her boyfriends. Another aspect to this story is the fact that Anna doesn't have many girlfriends. There is one girl, Nancy, who stops being her friend when she does something with a boy on the school bus. Eventually she becomes best friends with Toy. Their relationship is interesting - neither of them have a perfect life but all we hear about throughout the book are all the different boys Toy has in her life and how they love her and buy her things. The entire time, Anna struggles with why the boys she knows don't act the same. The end could have ruined their friendship and I am glad that the author opened the door back up with the way she ended the book. Eventually Anna meets Sam. They start having a relationship and he and his family show her what life should be like for a girl her age. They are loving and Sam takes his time getting to know her. I really liked the ending of the story. The way the author brought Anna's relationship with her best friend Toy around and also the fact that she was able to tie it up with an introduction between Toy and Sam was nice.