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White Cat - Holly Black I enjoyed this book. It was a bit slow to begin but mainly due to the getting all of the background. I won't get into a ton of detail here as I don't want to spoil it...as it is, there are a lot of spoilers here...be warned. I won't go into the whole backstory on Cassel and his family here but I found Cassel to be an interesting main character. He comes from a family of workers and has been told all his life that he is the only one in his family that doesn't have a power or curse. His family also told him that he killed his best friend, Lila, when he was younger. Come to find that they have all been lying to him and working him. Oh..Cassel also has one of the rarest curses, transformation, and he ended up turning Lila into a cat not killing her.I felt so bad for Cassel throughout the story. His brothers are jealous of his power and are just plain mean. They lie to him and beat him up and the whole time I just wanted Cassel to do something to get them to respect him. Barron has lost a lot of his memory because of all the work he has been doing but that didn't make me feel anything other than anger toward the way he treated Cassel. Philip just appears to be a bully and out to do whatever helps him get ahead. I did like the relationship that Cassel has with his grandpa. I also liked seeing the friendships with Sam and Daneca develop. I got the sense that Cassel felt like an outsider for pretty much his entire life and to see him establish some roots at school was important. I am looking forward to the next book. I want to see how things advance between Cassel and Lila with the way things were left off. Also, I need for him to get away from his family. They only seem to make things worse for him and I get the sense that he sees this but because they are family feels like he needs to help/be with them.